what was the theme for the project?

the theme for the project was the destruction of an object from different angles as i was interested in how destruction of a certain object in slow motion would be with their physics applied to them from how they would react to a kinetic force when applied and i looked into how different things were being destroyed like the prince Rupert drop which was an instantaneous explosion on a small-scale but if i did that it wouldn’t be entertaining for the audience so my hope was to make it slow motion instead so i could show the cracks in the material when they appeared on the object the moment it was hit by another. but the main recurring theme throughout the project was how objects are deconstructed.

how much reference material did i find?

well i had many references from many different hammers as that was my main object and so i looked into different hammers with different purposes from the classic claw hammer which is used for simple construction to old medieval war hammers from the 15th century which was about smashing away their enemies  and so i wanted to cover both construction and destruction values of the same object just to give me enough variants to look at and pick which one i wanted depending on their uses.

the other reference that i needed was how things could be shattered by looking at different films, adverts and games which had the same animation that i was trying to achieve with my hammer animation so i looked into different films which had a lot of action where building and such have been demolished and looked into them to see what kind of tools they used to replicate the destruction. i also repeated this process for advertisements and games because although i had already picked a 3d programme i was looking into it just to get tips and ideas in how i could smash my object.

i also looked into real world demolishing of buildings and bridge as the way they have been destroyed is just like the instantaneous explosion of a prince Rupert drop. so by looking into how they imploded their structures i was hoping to grasp an idea of how i would destroy my own hammer.

what do i think of my overall design? what changes would i make?

my design for the project took changes to it as at the start i was going to have at least three different objects become destroyed in their own materialistic way so i was going to have a hammer, plastic bottle and i wanted to try something with candy floss but i think that was thinking way to ambitiously with that as i hadn’t even used simulations before in either programmes that i had proposed to use so my design came down to one of the objects and i choose to use the hammer instead and how i could make that shatter just like real life.

my design for the object was basic but my main focus was to make the destruction capabilities of the hammer look great so instead of making the textures look great i made the colours of the hammer minimal although it may have looked better or may have looked worst with UV mapping i wanted to use ambient colours for my hammer to be on the safe side because texturing hasn’t been my strong suit. also i like to make objects minimal in colour design as i really like the style of big and bold colours and in my opinion it looked quite good on the hammer when render with the destructive capabilities of cell fracture.

what i think of my design overall from the animations and the hammer is that i could have done much better with objects as i could have gone much larger and more complex like a building but because it was my first time using blender’s cell fracture and bullet constraints i didn’t know at the time if i could make different parts of the building have different types of destructive physics that work with that material and if i did do that i would have to do them individually at different times in different areas of the scene and hoped that it would work well with the other object and with how i was handling a new programme like blender i don’t think i could have pulled off a project like that so i think with the knowledge i had keeping it simple but making it look as good as i could was the better option than that.

if i could make any changes to my project at all it would still be about destruction but i would just have one object like i ended up with i would use my initial idea with the three different objects because at the end of this project i was having fun because i started to understand the basics of cell fracture and bullet point constraints and how different types of material could be used.

Evaluation role 1

the first role was to gain as much information as i could about how objects shattered from movies, adverts, games and anime and if i were to re-do this role in a certain aspect i may not have put as much time into it as i did because although i did look for that stuff for research i found that out mostly when i was working with the programmes like cell fracture anyway. also if i were to re adjust what i researched into that would be better as well because although i did research into cell fracture and a part into bullet point constraints i may have found ways of destruction for other objects like a plastic bottle which i was talking about before but in the end i ran out of time. although i am still happy with the amount of research i did for the different programmes used for the different types of demolishing i cant help but think that it could have been used for something else that would have been helpful to me like how different materials break.

Evaluation role 2

so the modelling of the main piece which was my hammer supposed to be made like that because i didn’t wan the design to be super realistic as i was concentrating on how the destruction of it would look like and was putting only a little bit of my time into how it would look but if i had much more time i would make it look better overall by either making the object shape more detailed by making it smoother and using more polys or by using UV maps which i don’t think would be the best choice for my work as i was still new to blender as it was so i think if anything that would actually made it look worse.

Evaluation role 3

like i was saying the minimal colours on my hammer was a design choice and if i did make any improvements on it would be to colour the inside a different colour so when rendered you could see the inside was different as their was a way to do that but it did involve UV mapping so i decided to not to and leave it as it is because it wasnt my main concern anyway. the other thing i could have tried was to draw on other colours with the texture editor in 3ds max as that is where i put the brown and dark grey on to it.

Evaluation role 4

most of it was a simulation of the two plugins that i had used with animation of different objects being thrown or dropped on top of the hammer so they were quite minimal in what i could do although the reason it was so minimal was because that is exactly what i said i was going to do by shattering my object so the animation was sufficient for the task that i had set my self. although there are always ways that you can improved upon work and i am sure there could have been away where i could have animated the object which was cell fracture falling just to get extra shots but the main show for the final renders was to have detailed shatter effects at different angles so i am pleased with what i had made the only problem i have with the final renders is that the camera work could have been improved but the camera was kind stiff to work in blender and as i have said before it was the first time using blender so i knew it would be a task getting used to the programme and that meant to control the camera as well. the other thing that could have been improved upon which i could figure out was the scene and how to update it with the camera because no matter how many time i updated the scene the camera still was only rendering the old one and i looked for quite a while about it and i could find anything other wise i wouldn’t have the horizon in the background of a couple of my renders and i would have made it look better with the lighting also which for some odd reason would let me change the intensity of the light after a save i did and i don’t know if that was a bug or just a setting in blender.

did the project take to long to make?

the project overall actually didn’t take too long it was because i took too long on other projects outside of this one that when i got back to it i had to change certain aspects to the project to actually have a well presented render by the end of and the longest part of the project was certainly the grasping blender as it was the first time using and so that was the biggest challenge because so many tools had to be used for the first time and that can be quite risky as you have no idea how well they work with the system you are using and they could crash and corrupt ay any time so i got quite lucky that the add ons were implemented quite well with blender unlike the 3ds MAYA plugin which DMM which completely crashed straight away.

how have my skills developed over this course

i have developed quite an arsenal of skills from this project as i had to learn a new 3d programme and the add ons that were used within it and what they have given me is an insight into how destruction works in 3D space and the amount of time and effort that goes into the scripting to create such detailed destruction of objects as well as the customization of it. i also learnt to an extent cell fracture and bullet point constraint that will very helpful in teh future if i ever need to demolish certain objects in teh right and realistic in a short amount of time and in great detail because not a lot of 3d programmes can off that without paying a huge sum to be able to use their tools but because blender is free and run by teh community as well it works out for the people who want to creat such content.

i have also developed my knowledge in how things should and can be destroyed by looking into different types of destruction in animation and real life situations and trying to get the two to look the same can be a lot of work. when i saw that blender had such an add-on i was relieved because from what i had seen it worked very well and although it took me about a couple of weeks to maneuver blender smoothly i am actually quite grateful that i did because the more programmes that you learn the more skills you will attain for different situations int he work place especially for 3d because the reason there are so many different 3d programmes is because some of them focus on certain points like simulations of effects like real flow does but blender has a really good physics effects for destruction when cell fracture is added into the mix.





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