Inspirations and ideas


A lot of jobs in the world we live in have use of instantaneous explosions one could be in the use of different kind of bombs that are made for our armies like the atom bomb that needs a chemical reaction set off so the explosion can happen. Or how in construction work inside quarries or mining operations they use an electrical current to set off an explosion to get rid of the rocks to attain the minerals inside them and they use these fast electrical currents on unused bridges as well by using many small explosives in quick succession and that gave me inspiration for my ideas as well as the prince Rupert’s drop by seeing how we use these methods of destruction in real life.

I was also inspired by advertising by a company called Birm in which very fragile objects could withstand the force of very heavy ones thrown at a high velocity like a sledgehammer thrown at a vase and the hammer breaking instead and by watch this I got the idea of using many different objects which were fragile and sturdy for the simulation of the instantaneous explosion and how it would affect those objects differently. And so by doing this I came up with ideas of my own for my experimentation’s and hopefully can be used for the final animation for the second term.

hammer smash 2.jpg


Another inspiration for the work of destructive capabilities is how it has been used for advertisements against discrimination and how powerful words can be and how they affect people mentally and how that can leave a crushing blow to the rest of their lives. It is a really creative way to show how brittle people can be through discrimination as this has been shown very well and when I saw this I really like the way they used the cracked wall effect. As it is something that I have in mind for creating for my object and the way it will come apart.


Animations in films of destruction


The transformers franchise has more than its fair share of destruction throughout that’s either from the autobots or the destruction they cause throughout the cities. And in the film they work with so many different types of materials like glass, brick, wood, metal, rubber and so much more.

The special effects tools that they used for one of the transformers movies which was age of extinction and they had hired industrial light and magic to do a lot of the CGI works with the transformation as well as the destruction as there is a lot of it through those films.


Pacific Rim

Another film which inspired my use in the destruction of objects was the film Pacific Rim and the reason is that throughout the film the jaegers are fighting the kaiju’s which are these massive hulking monsters from another dimension.

And the amount of destruction that they cause to the environment around them is monumental although for my animation I will be having only one object being destroyed very quickly and then slowed down I really like how the visual effects have brought the 3d simulation of the buildings destruction to a new height.

pacific rim.jpg

Guardians of the galaxy ending fight

The ending fight that the guardians have with ronan where peter quill is having a dance off with him and then drax shoots ronans hammer and it explodes in to many different fragments and I would like to use this as an example for the way my hammer will explode when something hits it as I will be using just the normal UV balls that are in blender because you can smooth them and they look better in the render.

ronan gif.gif

Animations in games with destruction

Red Faction

When it comes down to destructive environments then red faction series is leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of its competitors that have environmental destruction like the battlefield series and their frostbite engine and the reason for this is because it has had destructive physics within it for quite a long time since the first red faction games you could destroy the walls around you and it has only gotten better from then on until now with the latest instalment in the series which is red faction guerrilla.

The physics engine that it has started to use with it most modern games is called the geo mod and what this mod does is to make the building that you make in-game structurally real as any building that you see outside of games and because they make the physics so real you would be able to have skyscrapers or anything exotic like that but instead you would have standard looking buildings which are structurally sound and this would allow for the player to break it in many different ways as you can see below.

That is why this mod was solely used for the red faction series as other games have made buildings that look nice but when the mod is applied to them they completely crumble under their own weight as to why they can’t implement the mod into other sandbox games such as GTA and Saints Row.

red faction.jpg


Singularity is a game where American troops are stranded on a soviet island where they have a built a machine which creates singularity’s and this breaks time so your character has to fix it and the reason I picked this game was because of the construction and destruction value throughout the game that your character can do with the special tool that he possess through the game which is called TMD (time manipulation device) and with this you can reverse and fast forward the time around a certain area as well as objects like for instance with a broken bottle you can reverse time which will repair the bottle and refill it just like it shows in the trailer and I would like to use that reverse of an object coming together from pieces in my project.broken bottle 1.JPG

broken bottle 2.JPG


Crysis 1 is an open world game where you have many destructive capabilities to use with your character who has been put into a super human exo suit which makes your character faster, stronger and better in every way and because of this boost in abilities the people who made the game had to make it look the part for the physics as well and so the cry engine was made which is a game engine with many capabilities and has been used to make many other games but the great thing about the cry engine for crysis 1 is that because you start on an island they made a lot of it destructive like shooting palm trees in half with your gun as well as destroying huts with explosives.

Also within the first crysis game because you were on an island there were a lot of wood physics that your character could play with and that sort of material and the physics of it relates too what I will be using for my object which will be break able too which is a wooden handled hammer.



Super-hot is an indie game FPS where time moves only when you move and so it relies a lot on slow motion effects but the enemies that you come across are not exactly human but humanoid in nature as their very bodies come apart from a single hit like smashing bricks into pieces so when I saw this game it was a really big drive to my idea where I could use slow motion when object get destroyed by other object in the scene as well as the physics in the game being relevant to my idea also.

Also the use of its unique and bold colours for the games with its minimal design leaves the player wanting more and by doing this it leaves the player to focus more on the enemies ahead and with the slow motion and destructive physics kicking in it’s a no brainer it became such a popular hit and generated so many fans and awards.

super hot.jpg

Overall I think my idea has swayed in between the slow motion effect as well as the destruction of objects so I would like to incorporate them two into one idea and to make something of that.


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