Different types of hammers and making of the hammer

Different types of hammers and making of the hammer

Now when I was thinking about what object I could use to shatter into pieces I had gotten inspiration for one of them which was my first choice and that was when I saw the advert which have talked about before where they are throwing different strong and durable objects such as a sledge-hammer at an egg when the objects collided the sledge hammer smashed apt but the egg stayed intact with barley a scratch so they gave me the idea of using a hammer as well but it was because I was shattering an object that the hammer felt like a good choice as a hammer is the classic and most basic workman’s tool and is most used for the construction of other objects so I wanted to make something so durable and make it very fragile.

Although I was going to make more than one object but I had to change certain aspects of the project throughout but the other objects that I was going to make was going to be a plastic bottle as well as rubber ball just so I could have different object with different types of materials but when I looked into what I had to do for them to have realistic characteristics to their material like the bottle being plastic which would be very hard I instead chose to stick with only one object and that was going to be the hammer.

Different hammers

Wooden claw hammer

Straight away when looking into what hammer I would like to use I thought about originality and wooden hammers are so well-known for being hammer in every persons household and the hammer that you see to the right is an east wing wooden hammer with a lightweight metal curved claw with a wooden hickory handle and these types of hammers have been made in the united states since 1923.


Wooden mallet

Wooden mallets are mostly used for carpentry to secure pieces of wood together by hammer and it’s used to drive dowels and chisels and because it all wooden when striking metals tools such as nails it will not deform the metal like a normal hook hammer. And because the hammer has been made for crafting it also has reduced force when hitting a chisel and this gives it much more control. Also because the head of the mallet is quite large the amount of force when hit against an object is spread further than a regular hammer.

wooden mallet.jpg


Sledge hammer

The sledge-hammer is mostly for breaking up rock or most objects and because the handle is so long and the head is usually made of metal or rubber they have great durability also just like the mallet the head distributes force across a wide area and so that is why it is used so much for simple destruction of inner structures.

sledge hammer.jpg


Meat tenderising mallet

As the name tells you it is a tool which tenderising slabs of meat in preparation for cooking and use by butchers although most meat tenderisers can be made from anything just to tenderise the meat there are three types that are specifically for tendering.

meat tenderizer.jpg

War hammer

The war hammer was dominant weapon in battle in the 15th century as it had extended reach and with the metal hammer-head you could use gravity to add to the swing of the weapon which dealt very deadly blows to the enemy shields and armour. It also had a metal tipped handle for when the enemy got close to the user so the hammer could be used for close quarters combat and to push back the enemy so you could swing freely with the hammer head.

This weapon was also used very well as a pole arm to pull down shield and take out Calvary and mounted knights.

war hammer.jpg

So all these hammers are different in either material, size as well as use so I have a lot to pick from but the reason I went and picked the wooden claw hammer and none of the others was because I wanted to see how far I could go with the plug-ins I looked into which was bullet constraints and cell fracture and these plug ins can give a very good wood splinter destruction if I play with how much I want to fracture and how many constraint can be breakable and after I looked into these hammer I decided to design my own and how the animation would play in one of the angles and I have some of the first concepts of how my first initial idea of how the hammer would break but after looking into how far you can modify your objects physics with cell fracture it then did another drawing of how it would look with the fracture that I wanted as you can see below.

hammer ideas.jpg

As you can see above the first initial idea was one without looking into any of the plug-ins and seeing how far you can go with them because at the time of the drawing I had only tested the breaking of an object in 3DS max and it gave me chunks but not many so my design was based on that chunk design.

hammer ideas1.jpg

And so after the first initial idea then playing with cell fracture I came up with the whole hammer having the same physics as a tree in which it will shatter when hit by different objects and for me I chose a ball to hit the object although I may have a hammer hit it as well just to see if I can generate more destruction by hitting it with different weighted balls and hammer from different angles.

hammer explosion idea.jpghammer explosion idea1.jpghammer explosion final.jpg

This is the render of my hammer which has a shorter claw to most hammers that you will see and has only minimal colours and I wanted to keep it that way so I could focus on the process of how my objects would break and in what ways they would with different types of strength added to the objects anatomy.

Also as you can see the handle is bit more thick than the normal hammer handle which start to decrease in size midway up the handle of the hammer-head.

3ds max hammer ren 1.jpg3ds max hammer ren 2.jpg

3ds max hammer ren 3.jpg


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